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Browning Citori Heritage 12GA


Excellent condition Browning Citori Heritage over and under shotgun in 12 bore-gauge with Invector chokes,Browning hard case to prevent her from damage. Gun is blessed with a beautiful stock,gun is free from dents nor blemishes. It fires both 2 3/4 and 3” shells respectively.Barrels are made of spe...

Browning Citori Privilege 20GA


Browning Citori Privilege 20 Gauge...Fully embellished side plates depict ringneck pheasants flushing from under a pointer on the left side and lighting woodcocks on the right. A unique, delicately connected checkering pattern enhances the beauty of the hand oiled, high-grade American walnut Schnab...

Tikka T3X LC 308Win


Beautiful Tikka T3X lite compact chambered in .308Win. Rifle is with all accessories displayed with no single omission. 5rd sealed magazine is with the sale as well as gun cleaning kits.Gun is with a Vortex scope. I can be contacted via : [email protected]

Beretta 682 Gold E Sporting Combo 12GA


Beretta 682 Gold E sporting over and under shotgun in 12ga. Gun comes in a combo set,28 & 30 inch barrel length.Gun is with its Beretta hard case,manual,wrench,oil,extra trigger, choke case and chokes(9). Shipping box as well as cleaning kit. Email me via : [email protected]

Sturm Ruger Mini 14 .223/5.56Nato


Sturm Ruger mini 14 stainless barrel chambered in 223/5.56Nato in excellent condition. Rifle maintains an outstanding barrel and stock.It comes with an extra 5rd magazine as a give away with the rifle.Contact me for more inquiry on my rifle [email protected]

Beretta 686E 12GA


Excellent condition Beretta 686E in 12 bore-gauge shotgun comes complete with hard case,oil and chokes and manual.Gun comes with a selectable single trigger,ejectors,choke case and a removable Beretta gel pad.Buyer do not need to pay for shipping charges. For further details on my gun,i can be reac...

1935 Winchester M54 Super Grade 30-06


Rare Winchester M54 Super Grade 30-06 bolt action rifle is the first model sporting rifle. The Model 54 was Winchester’s first successful bolt action sporting design and it paved the way for the more famous Model 70. This rifle is chambered for the .30-06 cartridge and wears a 24? barrel. The sights...

Beretta 686 Essential 12GA


Beretta 686 Essential over and under shotgun in 12 gauge. Gun has a beautiful stock and barrels from factory. Gun has seen little usage.It locks up really tight. Contact me on [email protected]

Beretta 682 Sporting 12GA


Up for grabs is a Beretta 682 sporting model shotgun chambered in 12 bore-gauge with an excellent stock and barrels. Accessories with gun are chokes,wrench and box. Email me on [email protected]

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Marlin 1894 SS


Marlin 1894 stainless steel in 44 magnum 20 inch barrel JM roll mark it was made in 2008 has bushnell banner 3X-9X scope.beautiful walnut stock, stainless steel.no flaws whatsoever,Has the original rear and front sights.Have original box and manual.

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